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Fastest wheels in history – BLOODHOUND SSC

In August 2008, Bloodhound were faced with a tough challenge, wheels were to be designed and manufactured that would rotate at 10,200rpm – that’s 170 times per second, generating 50,000 radial g! Many materials were considered before arriving at the solution of a forged wheel using 7037 Aluminium.

We were asked to design a case to transport the 1st ‘desert spin test wheel’ during its many stages of testing. The box needed to accommodate the wheel forged by Castle Precision with lifting gear and needed additional provisions for the ‘spin rig adaptor’, to be fitted by Bloodhound SSC for onward shipment to Rolls-Royce in Derby where the shaft from the ‘spin rig’ was to be bolted in place. The three parts were then to travel as an assembly to WDB Ltd for balancing, before return to Rolls-Royce for the actual ‘spin test’.

We are now waiting for the go-ahead to produce cases for the 1st eight desert wheels


This link explains in great detail, the process behind the manufacture of the 1st desert spin test wheel:



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