Transit & Storage Packaging

Our manufacturing capabilities encompass the use of a comprehensive range of materials that enable us to provide the most appropriate solution to your packaging requirements. Our flexible approach results in arrangements which most suit your requirements in terms of service, quality, design and reliability. Quantity will never be an issue, if you want just one, we’ll make just one. Our philosophy is to provide you with just what you want – never less, sometimes more.

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As everything we make is bespoke it makes sense to employ the people who are able to design the packaging. We use a 3D CAD package to help us in this and can import customer designs in a range of formats including AutoCAD. Our designers take your product and create the right pack based on your requirements and the likely hazards. With access to a broad range of materials we can select the most appropriate to provide the correct solution for the application. We are approved to design packaging on behalf of the Ministry of Defence and the rigorous standards necessary to fulfil that approval, underpin the design practices we apply to all of our design projects.    
We take standard sections of timber and machine it to the required sizes to make cases, crates (crates have gaps between the boards, cases do not) and pallets. We also stock a range of plywood in various grades and thicknesses. We can combine timber and plywood to create cases of literally any shape or size, and in any quantity. Unless you specify otherwise, we always use timber treated in accordance with ISPM15 regulations to ensure the safe clearance of your shipment through Customs at destination. All of our cases, crates and pallets are made to specific requirements to ensure correct fit and performance and to eliminate the risk of unnecessary shipping costs. Cases can be varnished, painted and stencilled if required. They can also be provided with internal fitments, cushioning, hinges, fasteners and metalwork.
As a result of our ability to draw on the broad range of raw materials at our disposal wedisposal we are able to create the most effective solution for your requirement. That solution may involve the use of timber, corrugated or one of a number of panel materials such as plywood or OSB (orientated strand board) in an infinitely variable combination. There may also be a requirement for internal cushioning of one or more types such as foam, felt, or paper to provide shock protection or to secure the location of your product.
Solidboard is useful for smaller cartons in a wide range of styles including die-cut and is capable of carrying quite heavy loads. It is particularly suitable for the packing of smaller components. Manufactured from a mixture of recycled and virgin material it is readily recyclable. The standard outer liner is a brown colour, but where quantity permits other alternatives such as white or flood print are available. This product is gaining new traction as customers move away from plastic boxes and has also always be favoured for use by the Ministry of Defence.