Export Packing

Our Export Packing facility offers the provision of a fully flexible service ranging from a small, single
unit through to a comprehensive turnkey project receiving product direct from your suppliers and
shipped in the sequence and timing demands of your contract over an extended period.

Our Nottingham packing facility is fully equipped to handle all export packing requirements including
the loading or unloading of shipping containers boasting a 10 tonne overhead gantry crane.

We understand the need to minimise expensive shipping and handling and exporting costs, and that
at times the export of product, particularly large or heavy units, can prove costly. In such instances,
and at your option, we can undertake the fulfilment of your packing requirement at any designated
site of your choice. Our mobile packing teams are well experienced in working on a remote basis
including mainland Europe.

We are able to work to specifications provided by you or demanded by your Client or alternatively
our design team is able to create specifications to cater for the individual conditions likely to be
encountered by any particular consignment.

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Our Export Packing facility provides a service tailored to your exact needs. We are able to provide services for any item, small or large. Working either to your specifications or in accordance with our recommendations, we pack to levels of protection against climatic and physical hazards necessary to safeguard your product during its journey to your Customer. We can provide all or any of the aspects of delivering your product, ranging from collecting from your manufacturing point through to delivering to your Customer, either at our Nottingham facility or at a site designated by you. It’s your choice.    
There are times when delivery of your product to our facility may be impractical. On these occasions we are able to provide you with a mobile team to carry out the operation at any location you may specify. Prior to commencement, a site visit by one of our qualified staff is made in order to determine the requirement, the local conditions and complete any lifting and health and safety risk assessments necessary for the safe completion of the task. Delivery of all materials and cases required is co-ordinated with the arrival of the packing team, who assume full responsibility for the operation through to completion. Experienced in remote working, our teams have a wealth of experience in dealing with any issues that may arise through the execution of the task.  
Working in conjunction with various freight forwarding organisations and shipping lines, we are able to offer, where required, a door to door service. Our range of experienced partners enable us to select the most appropriately qualified service provider to ensure a no-fuss, uncomplicated delivery to your Client’s site.
There are occasions when you may have a product that is classified as hazardous to transport. This could be anything from batteries to aerosols to chemicals. Our staff are fully qualified in accordance with the requirements of the relevant Accreditation Authorities and are subject to periodic review in order to maintain their qualifications. As such we are able to specify compliant packaging and to pack the product in accordance with current legislation. Our service includes completion of paperwork and supply of the correct labelling. We ensure costs are minimised by adopting the most economic packing method to suit the product and quantity.