Packaging Almanac

The Purpose of Packaging

It may only be a box, but it has to fulfil a number of roles dependent upon the product.

Those roles are:

  • Storage – Maintain the condition of the contents until ready for use or – in the event that it’s a consumer product – until the end of the life of the product.
  • Transit – Provide adequate protection against all potential hazards likely to be encountered during the journey to final destination.
  • Information – Provide all necessary information to those who may handle, store, use or purchase the product.
  • Advertising – Support the marketing of the product and establish, maintain or enhance the Manufacturer’s profile in the market place.
  • Convenience – Provide user-friendly facilities throughout the execution of the cycle of use.
  • Safety – Provide a package safe to handle.
  • Environment – Protect the environment from the product.
  • Economy – Provide the most effective cost of ownership expenditure.



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