Basics of Package Design

Package design is at its most effective when used as a tool in partnership with the Product’s Designers. Collaboration at an early stage of product design will lead to effective packaging and redevelopment cost savings. Design oversights can lead to potential transit and storage damage which an experienced Packaging Designer will

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An Introduction to the Packaging Almanac

Unless the recipient of any goods is involved in package design, the chances are that the packaging of those goods will only be noticed if there’s a problem with the condition of the contents, and that’s how it should be. But it may not only be the product that’s damaged – your

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The Purpose of Packaging

It may only be a box, but it has to fulfil a number of roles dependent upon the product. Those roles are:

  • Storage - Maintain the condition of the contents until ready for use or – in the event that it's a consumer product – until the end of the life of the

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