Packaging Materials

Our Nottingham warehouse stocks a comprehensive range of packaging materials encompassing tapes, bags, bubble wrap, stretchwrap, polythene film, strapping and many other items too numerous to mention. In addition we are able to supply a comprehensive range of associated machinery designed to reduce packing costs. We are able to source and supply any non-stock requirement and where quantity and demand permits we will arrange for stockholdings of any currently non-stock item. For urgent or small quantities our trade counter provides the facility for you to drop in and collect your requirements.

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Plastics/Polythene – Our range of stock plastic/polythene product covers all popular items and is constantly under review. The stock range encompasses:-  
  • Bags of a wide variety of style and size, including sealable and re-sealable, plain and printed, perforated roll, write-on, pallet covers and bin liners, all in a variety of thicknesses.
  • Stretchwrap in a variety of roll width, length, thickness and colour
  • Polythene Film  - Shrinkwrap – for use with a heat source, Tubing, Layflat (Centre Fold, opens out to twice the roll width), plain sheet. All available in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and colour.
Our stocks of paper-based products covers a wide range of :
  • Envelopes – postal bubble wrap lined, padded, plain,
  • Papers  - Kraft Union Lining Paper , Pure Kraft, Tissue, Waxed, Mouldable wrap, VCI, VPI
Paper-based product is the environmentally sound product of choice. It is not only recyclable but derived from sustainable and renewable sources.
A very comprehensive range of self-adhesive tapes is stocked to provide the correct solution to most requirements. Probably the most popular type is the generic  ‘buff’ carton tape,  which is stocked in a number of base material alternatives in various widths, roll lengths  and with various adhesive mediums, all designed to fulfil different requirements. Specialist printed tapes are avajlable, and subject to quantity, bespoke printing of most tapes can be arranged. Our experienced staff can advise on the best alternative for any particular requirement.
There is a machine for virtually every packaging application ranging from the large (automatic stretch wrapper) to the small (gummed paper tape dispenser). We are able to supply many types of machines, some at very advantageous prices when linked to a supply agreement for the material. There are some machines such as our carton shredder that recycle your waste material by converting old boxes into infill material.  Most machinery can be covered by service agreements and all come with a manufacturer’s guarantee.  The initial outlay is usually recovered as a result of labour  efficiencies arising from the introduction of the machine.
Cushioning provides the protection of the product from shocks encountered during transit and storage. The most common form of cushioning is bubble wrap which provides a protective blanket around the product and comes in various forms, sizes and roll widths.Other forms of cushioning available use air, paper, and foam The correct choice of cushioning is influenced by a number of  factors including size, weight of the item, quantity, destination and the  fragility of the product. Call us for any assistance you may need in making the right choice.
Strapping – Used to secure loads, strapping is desirable on many types of product . Supplied in various materials (Steel, Polypropylene, Rayon, Nylon), widths and thickness the correct choice depends on the application and the way the strapping is fixed. Strapping can also be tamper evident or printed with warnings or Company details. Another important consideration is the method of sealing the strap. The correct combination of seals and strapping to ensure any load is safe and secure is critical.