Defence Packing

Our purpose-built Military Packing facility is both temperature and humidity controlled and sits securely within our Nottingham operation. We have the capability to pack most items required by the armed forces. In addition we are experts in the provision of Grade A, B and C cleaning as laid down by DGS PS5104 and the provision of Electro-Static Sensitive Device packing.

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Package design for Military equipment is complex and intricate. All packaging for such equipment has to be designed to comply with the requirements of Defence Standard 81-41. As a firm authorised to design on behalf of the Ministry of Defence you can be sure that the packaging of your product will comply with the standards required by the Ministry of Defence and that your product will be fit for service when required.
The provision of military packing services includes cleaning, preservation, packing and labelling to the standards as laid down by the Ministry of Defence. In addition to the “Standard” packing requirements our facility includes the capabilities to satisfy the specialist requirements - for Electro Static Sensitive Devices and to Grade ‘A’ Clean Room standards.
This is an enclosed air conditioned room maintained at positive filtered air pressure  with very high levels of cleanliness. It is used for packing components that need to meet certain cleanliness standards. We believe we have one of only a few Grade ‘A’ clean rooms dedicated to the provision of packing nuclear components. The room is capable of catering for various size components and we have recently cleaned and packed an item in excess of 1.5 tonnes. We are able to also offer Grade ‘B’ and ‘C’ cleaning within our scope.