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Supply chain success continues

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At Bamptons we are always pleased when as part of our customer review process we deliver a set of quarterly numbers that go beyond customer expectations. Having achieved over 98% on time delivery and 99.9% quality compliance for our top 3 supply chain customers we have not been resting on our laurels. Our history of supplier excellence has led to a number of unique product developments of which the best known is the composite double/triple wall corrugate and timber wrap. This can be a difficult product to manufacture unless you get your quality right as a number of copycat companies have found over the years. Those products pictured below are best in class and although copied by our competitors we know that customers suffer from non-compliance issues especially in the more precision conscientious sectors of our market place. We can only assume it is becuase they do not follow a supply process that has been utilised within Bamptons for over 20 years.

So what’s our secret?

As one of the few companies within the UK that know how to create the configuratiuon of double and triple wall corrugated and timber we believe the process has been integral in our ability to be able to consistently deliver. The schematic detailed below give both current and future customers an insight into our quality and product delivery world.

So why not drop us a line or call us and see if we can support your supply chain solution. Our ability to deliver inovative solutions on time, as required, is why we are one of the UKs fastest growing supply chain packaging provider companies.

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